Anxiety, fears and feeling stuck

“I highly recommend Jane. I went to see her during a difficult and overwhelming period in my life. She was an incredible help during this challenging time. Through skilled listening and questioning she was able to identify, clarify and then address the different issues that were all coming together. Her kind, professional and trustworthy manner made it very easy to open up and feel safe. I always left the sessions with heightened spirits and feeling positive. Looking back now I can see how many things have changed for the positive since I started seeing Jane and it is good to know that I can always come back if I need to.”

– NL

Relationships and infidelity anxiety

“I was going through a particularly challenging time and needed help understanding infidelity and how I set up close relationships, as well as support in dealing with severe anxiety and self-confidence resulting from it.

Jane was fantastic. Taking a straightforward and pragmatic approach she identified areas to work through and systematically addressed each one. Agreeing objectives for the sessions and what I wanted to get out of them was really useful in monitoring progress. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone that wants a little extra help in speeding up the process of resolving many of life’s challenges.”


Life decisions and confidence

“Had a few sessions with Jane spread out over almost half a year and can’t thank her enough! She very gently guided me through “not knowing what to do” in my business and personal life. She managed to help me to get back my lost confidence and start looking at the world with a positive attitude and things look much better now :-)”


Pelvic pain

“I am happy to report that after several sessions with Jane, all my symptoms have gone. Jane was extremely insightful and kind and took me through a process which allowed me to control and ultimately reduce my pain symptoms. I am enormously grateful for her expertise in helping me through what was a very troublesome issue and to my consultant for recognising that my symptoms might be alleviated by her type of treatment. I am sure many others could benefit from it.”


Stopping smoking

“It’s been four weeks since our meeting and you will be reassured to know that I have not smoked since. I’m still enjoying my coffee in the morning without any issues. Thank you for all your help and advice.”


“I am still not smoking and positive I can crack it for good! I was out for a few drinks on Friday and was fine.”


Relationship problems

“Things have really improved with my husband. I’d say it is as good as it was years ago before all the troubles and hiccups. I am so happy with the results I shall reach out if anything comes up again. Thank you for your help. Your therapy was a great experience.”


Anxiety, panic attacks

“I was suffering from generalised anxiety and panic attacks. This was especially prevalent in social situations, where I could be the centre of attention and symptoms of my anxiety would be noticeable, for example; shaky hands. I worked with Jane over 4 sessions to overcome my anxiety and each week I felt better and better and I quickly was able to do things that I had been avoiding. Jane is very approachable and tailored each session to my specific problem.

I would definitely recommend using hypnotherapy and Jane and am very grateful to her for giving me my freedom back.”


Childbirth, public speaking, enclosed spaces, procrastination

“A chance word with a neighbour about labour-worries sent me to Jane seven years ago. Jane had worked successfully with her. It worked for me too – I always say that I was the most relaxed person in the birthing room! The approach Jane uses works fantastically for me. I’ve visited her again for three different, diverse issues since the first time. Each issue has been easier to deal with – as I’ve become better at identifying and replacing negative imagery. So what has Jane helped me with apart from child birth? Fears about public speaking, enclosed spaces and a chronic procrastination that stopped me writing a book. Essentially the sessions with Jane have enabled me to do the things that I really want to without worry. Priceless!”


Life change

“Just to give you an update of my success. I am getting on with life and feel a lot more relaxed about my daughter being away from home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help and the great strategies you have equipped me with.”



“I was recommended to Jane as someone who could help with some sleep problems. I felt immediately at ease with Jane and felt confident to talk through the issues and possible solutions. I have benefitted very much from the hypnotherapy and now enjoy going to bed and waking up feeling energised and refreshed. I also found several additional benefits of the hypnotherapy beyond my improved sleep – the whole process was extremely relaxing and helped relieve stress. I would highly recommend Jane.”


Eating and exercise

“I’d like to say a huge thank you for your amazing work with me. There’s been a gentle and steady change in the way I eat, the exercise I take, and the way I feel about myself. All for the better might I add!

Looking forward, I’d like to see how I go on my own and get back in touch if and when I need like a top-up.”


Coping with trauma

“I began to see Jane in the latter part of 2013 and my life was far from moving forward! Systematically, Jane helped me to pick it all apart and put it back together again and giving me the strength to get through the following Christmas. Unfortunately shortly after that I suffered another huge blow and again Jane was able to help me find my way through this awful process that I would not wish on anyone, and without her help and calming nature, I would not have been able to get back on my feet. She has helped me not only get over the crises that I found myself in but also to find the source of the issues and to deal with them.

She is exceptionally professional and insightful and whilst I have been able to stop my sessions with Jane, I always know that should things get on top of me again, she is only a phone call away.”


Anxiety, family relationship and travel phobias

“Jane has really helped me with my anxiety difficulties. After one session, my life-long negative attitude towards my mother shifted and I became aware of the love that exists between us and was able to reinterpret the meaning of certain childhood incidents in a way that enabled me to stop blaming her and to have compassion for her and myself. I then went on, with Jane’s help, to address my persistent and disabling difficulties with travelling and have twice been to Paris on the Eurostar (shrugging off my tunnel phobia) and have even been up in an aeroplane! And almost enjoyed it! I am very grateful for the help Jane has given me and I would highly recommend her. She is a generous and effective hypnotherapist who offers kindness and understanding during the sessions- truly confidence-inspiring”.


Chronic pain, childbirth and exam nerves

“I have had many hypnotherapy sessions with Jane over the years from dealing with pain relief for chronic headaches, confident childbirth sessions and most recently for driving test nerves.

After each session, I have been left with a feeling of confidence and empowerment that stays with me. Jane has an incredibly kind and reassuring manner and her voice is calm and soothing. She is a gifted hypnotherapist who has huge integrity and compassion. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Life challenges

“Many thanks again for all the help that you have given me over the past 4 months. It’s been one the toughest periods in my life and one in which I needed help and support. You have given me that compassionate support to deal with the huge changes that have happened, and helped me construct behaviours so I could deal with tough situations and you have helped me through all this.

On reflection it’s been an amazing journey to go through and one which I will never forget. Thank you so much again for everything.”



“I’m starting a wonderful new job next week thanks to your confidence hypnotherapy sessions.”

– CB