Supporter’s Role

Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing Ealing & Acton, West London

The Supporter’s Role in Childbirth

You can come to Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing classes on your own, as a couple, or any with any birth supporter of your choice! Your birth partner can learn key tips about the Supporter’s Role either by attending with you or by you taking information away with you.

My aim is always to be sure that the mother who is giving birth has everything she needs inside her head to handle this birth for herself so that she feels in control and confident.

At the same time, a partner or birth supporter plays an invaluable role through their calm presence and also by being prepared to communicate positively with all concerned and maintain the right atmosphere for the woman in childbirth.

Some birth supporters are unable to come along to classes and I often find myself working with them through the mother who can pass on useful information and techniques back home.

Some are able to come to just one or two classes. I can completely adapt to whatever suits the two of you.

I believe that you know when is the right time to begin classes and whether one or both of you should come along. I’ve loved working flexibly in this way ever since I started teaching hypnobirthing in 2003!   For more details on Practicalities, please click here.

The birth partner may also like to have a session or two on their own to address any issues or fears that they may have in connection with this birth.

Please contact me to discuss your wishes and needs for your baby’s birth