Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Stress Management

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Stress Management

The term stress covers so many things – in its positive sense, it’s a useful motivation towards action and a sense of excitement and engagement.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Stress Management is very helpful if the stress has developed to the point where you’re feeling out of control, overwhelmed, stretched, unable to cope or to relax. It can lead to problems with digestion and sleep, not to mention IBS, headaches, recurrent infections as well as to irritability, anxiety, tiredness and fear.

No wonder I’ve helped many busy and successful people to lower their stress levels. The good news is that, (almost) whatever the external circumstances, it’s possible to learn to respond to the situation in a way that increases control and enables you to manage more positively and satisfyingly.

Stress generally manifests as a state of immersion in the problem, in which it’s become very difficult to imagine any other possibilities. The hardest thing is often to take the time and find the mental energy to consider what’s going on and recognise that you do have a problem! When you do, it’s the beginning of knowing that there are other ways of feeling and thinking about what’s happening in your life.

By reading this page you’ve taken that step already.

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When we work together to reduce stress, it’s as if we’re looking for room for you to manoeuvre and find a way to unwind at least somewhat.

I believe there are always more choices than might first appear. When Hamlet declares that Denmark’s a prison, Rosencrantz disagrees and Hamlet then responds, ‘Why then ‘tis none to you. There is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison.’

If you would like to think differently about your life and your situation, I would love to help you break free of the prison of stress.

Your current ‘prison’ may be a horrifically busy working life, the endless demands of (lovely) young children, changes externally imposed on your workplace (be it a school, a hospital, a bank or other business), or life challenges around you or happening to you, like illness or disability.

We can’t change circumstances but together we can find how you could change your thoughts so that what’s happened or is going to occur can sit more comfortably with you and look more manageable.

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