Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Ealing, Acton, London

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Here’s what I offer: Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy tailored specifically to your needs. I know that everybody has their own pattern of smoking and their own reasons for having continued to do so till now. My approach is based on undoing the hold that the smoking has in your mind and in your life. So that you can break free of this habit that you want to be rid of – whatever exact form it currently takes.

As someone who’s considering Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy, you might recognise yourself in one or all of these statements:

  • Maybe you’re uncomfortably aware that your health is already affected (breathlessness, cough, bad skin, chest infections) but somehow you just can’t stop by yourself.
  • Perhaps a part of you still believes that smoking keeps you focussed or stops you being irritable, or that it appears to relax you.  So you’ve been attempting to ignore everything you know about the huge health risks of cigarettes. But you can’t, so maybe the time has come to seek help!
  • Or have you been part of the ‘tomorrow brigade’, as in ‘just one more day can’t hurt’, while at the same time you hate yourself for having carried on doing what you know is seriously harmful, not to mention expensive?
  • You may also fear (or have found in the past) that quitting is necessarily difficult, painful and stressful. I’m happy to say that with my approach to Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy it needn’t be any of those things!

“I am still not smoking and positive I can crack it for good! I was out for a few drinks on Friday and was fine.” CM

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With support, information and every aspect of Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy completely adapted to your particular needs, you can overcome the changes that the smoking has made in your brain and be free of it for good.

“I’m happy to report that I have not smoked at all since the night before our session!  It feels great to be an ex-smoker!” AL

“It’s been four weeks since our meeting and you will be reassured to know that I have not smoked since. I’m still enjoying my coffee in the morning without any issues. Thank you for all your help and advice.” RM

Here is the way forward to becoming the ex-smoker that you’d like to be:

A phone conversation first

1. The first step is for us to have a long (free and no-obligation) phone conversation about how smoking is affecting you currently, your reasons for stopping and any questions you might have.

Helpful and interesting tasks

2. Our work together begins as soon as you’ve booked: I’ll send you a questionnaire which will give me more information about you and the role that smoking plays in your life. Many people find the questionnaire illuminating and interesting to complete. I’ll also set you personalised tasks to do before you come – these are designed to start loosening the hold which the smoking has had on your brain till now.

Your specially-tailored long session and information pack

3. I’ll prepare a 2.5 to 3 hour Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy session to suit your needs and personality. Everything we do will address your particular way of smoking and the place it’s been occupying in your life. There’s no one-size-fits-all because you may have a pattern of smoking that’s totally different from the next person. For example,  some people are ‘social smokers’ and others smoke most at home or when alone. Some people smoke to stave off boredom and others to reduce anxiety. Some people still love the taste, and some loathe every drag but still do it.

Most people find the session goes by very fast, and is interesting, empowering and even fun. At the end, I’ll give you a pack of supporting information tailored for you and plenty of mental tools to use after the session.

Notice the differences (health, money, confidence etc)

4. Free of the smoking, you can notice differences starting as your lungs clear and your sense of taste and smell improve. It’s great to breathe more easily, and have more energy and better skin, while at the same time the smell of stale tobacco goes from your breath, your clothes, hair, and home. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that your body’s repairing the effects of smoking and with each week and month that go by, your health risks are reducing dramatically. You’re spending less money and feeling better for your achievement!

Ongoing support for a year

5. The majority quit after our first session, but if you should need it, included in the price is renewed support (for smoking cessation issues only) for up to a year if you need it. This is arranged and can be by phone, email or in a session.

I’ve done specialist training in stop smoking hypnotherapy with Cathy Simmons, founder of the Simmons Method. It’s an excellent approach which is all about giving you up-to-date knowledge and using in-depth hypnotherapy techniques to restore your control and undo the power of nicotine addiction in your brain.

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“(After one session) It’s very good not to smoke and I don’t have a desire to smoke. LM”