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Relationship Therapy

While being with someone can be a source of joy and contentment, relationship problems can be infinitely stressful, and lead to lack of confidence, anxiety, jealousy or fears for the future. Relationship therapy can help.

Do you recognise yourself in any of the statements below? Everyone’s different, so maybe you’ll notice aspects of some or all of the problems you’re having, or perhaps what you’re experiencing isn’t quite reflected here. That’s fine, because my whole approach is based on everyone’s uniqueness and the need for flexibility both in perceiving and understanding the problem and in the solution that each person wants for themselves.

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Some have never found the fun, rewarding, fulfilling partnership that they desire.

Perhaps you don’t know whether to stick with your relationship or to move on.

Maybe anger, jealousy or anxiety are ruining day-to-day life with your partner.

Or it could be that you’re emerging from a divorce, or that you can’t let go of a previous love or a former traumatic relationship.

Some people can’t believe they deserve happiness in love which can lead to all sorts of problems.

Did you pick up restricting beliefs about intimacy and communication when you were much younger? Or might you be looking to your partner to ‘save you’ from yourself or from others – in other words, do you have unrealistic or limiting expectations that you just can’t seem to shake off?

What’s great is that it’s possible to make a massive difference to present or future relationships just by making changes in yourself.

I’ve often worked with ‘one half’ of a partnership and enjoyed hearing about how things in general have greatly improved between the two of them as a result of what one has learned, understood or changed. Equally it’s always good to hear about someone who started our sessions sad to be unattached has begun to build something promising with a new love.

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I’ve noticed that various things have helped those who’ve come to me with relationship difficulties:

  • Clearing up deep-rooted negative beliefs about themselves
  • Positive tools and between-session tasks to improve thoughts and feelings (useful for life!)
  • Gaining an understanding of how communicating works between partners
  • Understanding differences between different people, not just between the sexes but also in terms of what we might call ‘personality types’ – which in turn improves communication

If you would like to get along better with your present or future love(s). If you would like to learn to relax into greater trust and enjoyment, or whatever you might specifically need to improve your relationship(s), present or future:

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“Things have really improved with my husband. I’d say it is as good as it was years ago before all the troubles and hiccups. I am so happy with the results I shall reach out if anything comes up again. Thank you for your help. Your therapy was a great experience.”

– TS