What To Expect?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Sessions – What To Expect?

How Do We Start?

First steps

Our first step towards coming here for Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions will be a completely no-obligation phone conversation. This takes as long as it needs to. We discuss what’s going for you that you no longer want in your life and how you would like things to be instead. You can ask me any questions you might have.

Once you’ve decided to book to come here for Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I’ll send you a questionnaire, to find out even more, asking you to return it before you come, so that we get off to a great start when we meet.

What then?

Right from the first session, I aim to give you perspectives and new thoughts which can begin to make a difference immediately; others find that the benefits build up and tip into a big change after a few sessions.

By the end of the first session, I’ll have outlined what I suggest that we do and over how many sessions – for us to discuss together and agree on.

Are you in control?

Yes, absolutely – at all times. To find out more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions and my approach, please click here.

How many sessions?

That depends on your needs and wishes. For most people, it’s between three and six. If you have multiple issues you would like to address, it might be more. Together we keep an eye on how close we are to achieving your goals and agree on how many more we think would be good.


I have a spacious and calm office here in West London.

The address is 112 Valetta Rd, London W3 7TH, easy to get to on public transport and with metered parking nearby if you come by car.

How long is each Cognitive Hypnotherapy session?

Each one is an hour-long, though if we’re in the middle of something, it may take a little longer at no extra charge.


You’ll receive one or more recordings made for specially for you plus ‘homework’ tasks to multiply the good effects of therapy too.




Please contact me for an exploratory phone conversation about your needs and wishes