Overcoming A Phobia

Cognitive hypnotherapy Ealing, Acton, London

Phobia Hypnotherapy

A phobia can seriously limit your choices and your freedom and dent your confidence.

Despite this, with the positive and targeted approach of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, a very few sessions of phobia hypnotherapy can usually change the pattern much more easily than you might think.

It can feel as though you’re out of control when, for example, a fear of cats stops you visiting friends’ houses, or anxiety about spiders makes you choose holidays in newly-built accommodation or non-tropical destinations.

A phobia of heights can mean it’s difficult to travel over bridges and the most common phobia of all, social phobia, often prevents people making new friends or progressing at work due to worry about interviews and presentations.

It really doesn’t help, does it, when well-meaning or ‘humorous’ friends try to make you ‘snap out of it’ with attempts to force you to confront your worst fear. Because a phobia causes very strong emotion in the mind which easily overwhelms any logical thoughts about whatever has been causing your anxiety.

So if you’re ready to leave your phobia behind, gain calm control of your life and enjoy new freedom and confidence …

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I’ve been so happy to work with many people to guide them to overcome their phobia and would love to help you.

My aim is for every one of our (probably) very few sessions to give you new and positive tools that you can use to take control and reverse the power of the phobia. We can also clear up anything from the past which caused your brain to adopt this pattern in the mistaken belief that it was helping you; and using powerful mental strategies, we can positively, safely and progressively use the power of your imagination to rehearse you through the situations which previously would have caused you anxiety.

We work at your pace, and many people report that the sessions are interesting and are glad that they take away psychological tools which they can use to support other aspects of their lives.

By the end, you can look forward with confidence to any encounters with the old object of fear – in fact you might even find you don’t notice that you’re no longer aware of whatever it was (birds, dogs, meetings….) because you’re just living your life.

To make this change, the first step is for us to have a free, no-obligation phone conversation, so that we can explore what’s going on for you with this phobia and how you would like your life to be instead.

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