Cognitive hypnotherapy Ealing, Acton, London

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Motivation

Ah, resolutions! We’ve all made them and broken them. You may be considering hypnotherapy for motiviation because you’d like some help in goal-setting (and goal-achievement!).

Maybe you’d like to increase your motivation for study, exercise or to make a start on a new way of life – or simply to get things tidy in the way you’d like. Many people who’ve come for hypnotherapy for motivation told me in their first session that when it came to getting down to something, they were finding distractions, endlessly procrastinating, going blank, or self-sabotaging.

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In my twelve years of practice, it’s been so rewarding to help people learn the positive mental strategies they need to achieve their goals, however demanding these seemed to be.

Different things will be key to different people – for you it might be to be able to access or develop your inner capacity for focus, or concentration. Or it might help you to become aware of your deeply positive reasons for embarking on what you want to do. I wonder what that is – maybe exercise, writing a book, or getting down to study or a work project, or something else?

It’s odd because some people have enormous determination in one area of their lives and feel helpless about getting something done in another context. Sometimes we set ourselves up to fail by being unrealistic, or have a habit of letting ourselves off the hook.

Lack of motivation may be part of a wider problem of low mood, anxiety or lack of confidence which you can be guided to overcome. Or it could be that your mind is using an ineffective strategy that can easily be corrected to suit you better and help you be more effective.

I’ve helped people get down to studying the stock market or osteopathy;  I’ve worked with people to help them get clarity and motivation to make major life changes, like job-hunting, changing career or moving house – even writing a book in the midst of multiple other commitments. And several people have been immensely happy to find themselves finally getting some order in their office or their bedroom – which might sound frivolous but these things can signify huge change in a person as you’ll know if you’ve struggled with these things.

If motivation is something you’d like more of, in general or for a particular purpose,

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