About Jane

About Jane

I’ve been working as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Acton, West London for 16 years. I trained at the excellent Quest Institute in 2001-2.  I feel very privileged to work with people who want to overcome patterns of feelings, thoughts, or behaviours that are getting in their way.

I used to work as a scriptwriter of training and motivational videos which were aimed at guiding people into changes in the workplace. I became a Cognitive Hypnotherapist because I prefer to work towards the goals of individuals rather than companies or public bodies!

When I first came across hypnotherapy twenty years or so ago, I’m happy to admit that I was sceptical! At a group workshop in creative writing, the trainer asked us all to close our eyes. Then he guided us into a positive relaxation and visualisation for the purpose of becoming more disciplined in our writing. I thought this was very strange… but afterwards I was amazed to notice that I did indeed show up at my desk much more regularly!

Cognitive Hypnotherapist

I chose to train in Cognitive Hypnotherapy because it’s down-to-earth, has its basis in neuroscience and is completely respectful of each person. A fundamental belief is that everybody already has what they need inside themselves to get to their solution. It follows that as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I’m a guide, or a partner, working with you. Together we overcome the negative thoughts or emotional reactions which you want to leave behind. In their place we build up the patterns you’d rather have.

So I’ll always explain how I suggest we work, what I propose we do and why. And I will always aim to give you tools to use for yourself for the rest of your life. I see my overall aim as empowering you to take control of yourself and your life. I believe that you will become happier as you use and extend the best of yourself.

I continue to train with leaders in the field of therapy and to extend my knowledge and skills. For example, last year I attended a training for working with addictions with specialist Hugh Osborne.

In 2006, I developed the Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing approach to guiding women to have the best possible experience of childbirth. Through my experience in this area, I’ve also learned to work with people facing challenges of chronic pain, illness or surgery so that they can manage these experiences as positively as possible.

I’m proud to be a member of the NCH, (National Council for Hypnotherapy). It’s an independent organisation committed to ensuring the highest standards of training and practice. I’m proud too of belonging to the CNHC (Complementary and National Healthcare Council), which is endorsed by the Department of Health.

                   Please contact me and we’ll set a time aside for a no-rush, no-fee conversation