Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss And Health

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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss And Health

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Health, I have helped people with all of the following patterns. What would you call the problem which has led you to this page?

  • comfort eating?
  • food cravings?
  • over-eating?
  • food fixation or addiction?
  • the see-food, eat-food diet?
  • or indeed yo-yo dieting?

How much better would you feel without it?

It’s hardly news to let you know that all of these problems are incredibly common. The world we live in doesn’t help.

Artful supermarket displays, celebrity chefs, tv advertising – our world certainly lines up the food temptations! The average weight of the population has risen in the last few decades, and pundits, medics and scientists are investigating the reasons for this. Is it the fault of fats or of sugars? Of schools, parents, large corporations, diet ‘fads’, lack of exercise or simply lack of willpower?

Regain Control with Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss and Health

What if there was a way for you to have an easy relationship with food so that you can eat just what’s right for your body? I believe that healthy eating for weight loss begins in the mind with its attitudes to food and to the body and that a deep awareness of your motivation (i.e. all the good things that you stand to gain through a healthy relationship to eating) is at least as important as willpower.

I wonder – what are your current emotions and thoughts in connection with food?

  • Perhaps you eat in response to boredom, stress, anxiety or sadness.
  • Food may have become a problem to be controlled, the subject of intense worry and energy.
  • You may believe you’ll never reach the body size you desire and dread food shopping and mealtimes.

Some of these things are learned way back in childhood and can be changed by imagining healthier attitudes that would have helped you when you were a child. For example, many loving parents respond to a child’s distress with gifts of food (“Have some chocolate and you’ll feel better”) and unwittingly install a belief that food IS comfort, when it’s listening and words and attention that really make a difference and in fact food only provides short-term distraction.

We can work together on mental tools that help you to safely navigate temptation points. For example rehearsing how you might politely refuse pressing invitations to have second helpings or an unnecessary snack; or how to deal with your lunch break when a part of your brain believes that crisps and a chocolate bar (perhaps alongside a healthy salad!) are just the fuel you need to continue your stressful day.

I would love to help you discover that food can be a source of delicious tastes and relaxed pleasure in a way that supports your health, your energy and the right body weight for you.

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My aim is for our work to be interesting and positive and for it to begin to make a difference surprisingly quickly.

Eating and exercise

“I’d like to say a huge thank you for your amazing work with me. There’s been a gentle and steady change in the way I eat, the exercise I take, and the way I feel about myself. All for the better might I add!”