Public Speaking

Cognitive hypnotherapy Ealing, Acton, London

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Interviews, meetings, presentations, speeches, talking within larger groups than usual at social gatherings… there are so many occasions that so many people dread. Fear of public speaking is the country’s most common phobia.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy for public speaking, you may be a teacher who can talk to the class but hates staff meetings, or a hospital doctor with a fear of the ward rounds. Perhaps you’re due to be best man at a friend’s upcoming wedding, or you might like to change jobs but loathe the thought of interview panels.

Or maybe you’re not in any of these situations because your fear of public speaking has stopped you from doing those jobs or furthering your career.

Have you noticed that the more you recall bad memories and imagine future scenes of public nervousness, the more your brain deepens the anxiety?

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Do any of these thoughts reflect yours?

  • Everyone will be looking at me
  • I made a hash of it last time – this time will be even worse
  • I’ve never been able to speak well, I just know I’m going to forget everything s
  • They’ll think I’m stupid / unattractive / useless

These kinds of memories and fears can hold people back in their careers and in their social lives, and cause so much painful soul-searching and worry. Sometimes the anxiety has ‘always’ been there, sometimes it’s developed more recently.

So if you feel ready to overcome it once and for all, I’m really happy to say that it’s possible to do just that.

Together we can actively change the patterns of thinking and those automatic anxious reactions that drive your particular fears around public speaking. You can learn an enjoyable set of techniques that will become second nature.

The aim is for you to be able to approach the next occasion and all occasions after that with calm and confidence.

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