Low Mood

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Depression or Low Mood

When discussing Cognitive Hypnotherapy for depression, I prefer the term low mood. I’ll explain why lower down this page!

Whatever we call it though, you may be all too familiar with that state of lack of energy or apathy, when even picking a piece of paper up off the floor can seem to be too much, when there seems to be no point in talking to friends or getting anything much done so tasks pile up and you feel worse and worse.

Sometimes low mood is more insidious, and you appear to be functioning normally but when you’re alone your thoughts go round in circles, your views are pessimistic and making small choices is difficult (for example standing bemused in front of all the yoghurts in the supermarket because how would you know which is the right one).

Have you had enough of feeling like that? I’ve helped lots of people break out of their own personal vicious circle and return to the pleasures of moving forward and enjoying life more.

You’ve made a really important step already in investigating the help that’s available to you. I’d love to answer your questions –

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Often low mood or depressive thoughts and feelings appear to come from nowhere and may have been set in train by small or big events during childhood. If this is what happened, it’s just that your young brain absorbed beliefs or patterns of reacting to the world and to yourself which may have seemed like a good idea at the time. We can look at these with the aim not of reliving those times, but of having your mind comfortably re-programme them in a way that lets you learn more positive and helpful responses that build a better mood.

You might be relieved to know that cognitive hypnotherapy as an approach doesn’t dwell on the problem. I can use very targeted approaches to help you rapidly clear away unhelpful responses and then guide you to quickly build up new behaviours and thoughts that support the life you would like.

Low mood can also be triggered by things like stress, bereavement, illness, relationship difficulties – if that’s happened it can be helpful to sort out the ‘normal’, to-be-expected response from the emotions which drag on and fail to clear up.

If we work together, it’s almost as if at the outset, while your mind is temporarily ‘fogged’ with low mood and lack of energy, you ‘borrow’ my clarity so that together we find the small steps you can take which often make a significant positive difference really quite quickly by interrupting the old cycle.

All along, I help you discover inside of yourself the tools which you can use for the rest of your life to support yourself more evenly and constructively.

And the reason I prefer the term ‘low mood’ is that ‘depression’ can be taken as medical terminology. I’m not medically qualified but I’ve worked with many people whose mood had been low for a while and had limited their lives. With carefully-paced, positive and responsible help, they were able to change their mood and re-discover a fulfilling life.

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