Cognitive Hypnotherapy – Confidence

Gaining Confidence Ealing, Acton, London

Cognitive Hypnotherapy – Confidence in Yourself

Would you benefit from a few Cognitive Hypnotherapy confidence sessions?

Even the most outwardly confident and successful people can be troubled by persistent self-doubt and say that nobody would guess how bad they feel on the inside. They wish that their inner emotions and thoughts about themselves would match up with their happy appearance.

Others believe they don’t amount to much and so have chosen a ‘back seat’ in their life and yet they know that they’re somehow holding themselves back or getting in their own way.

Is lack of confidence stopping you from having good friendships or forming a couple? It might be a barrier in your professional life, or limiting you by keeping you in a restricted comfort zone …

The work that we can do to change this is about enabling you to achieve more of what you want by knowing that you’re as good as the next person!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy confidence work is completely tailored to you.

It’s a partnership in which together we clear away the beliefs and emotional reactions which are key to your pattern of lack of confidence, and change your perception of yourself and other people so that you can know you’re ok, and thus move forward into enjoying your life more.

In my twelve years of practicing, I’ve helped many people let go of crippling lack of confidence.

“I’m starting a wonderful new job next week thanks to your confidence hypnotherapy sessions.”

– CB