Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in West London – Jane Hodgkin

Anxiety Ealing, Acton, London

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Anxiety can help you overcome negativity, worry, nervousness, fear, insecurity, panic attacks, anxiety, or social phobia – so many words that describe different ways of fearing the worst.

Some anxiety or awareness of what could go wrong is protective and helpful. Our ancestors needed to be able to imagine the worst in order to avoid being ambushed by lions and tigers. At the same time, that imagination had to be kept in check otherwise those Stone Age people would have stayed in their caves, out of the way of wildlife, and starved due to fear!

In our present day, you may have anxiety, fear or nerves about something specific, or it might be a more general way of thinking.

The more you focus on the bad things that could happen (you might even say to yourself “the bad things which are certain to happen”), the worse you feel. And then increasing amounts of your energy are taken up in dealing with the consequences and emotional effects of your worries.  Exhausting, isn’t it?

I’ve used Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Anxiety for over twelve years to help people let go of their unwanted stress and worry and discover that it is safe to relax more than they’d realised.

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With the help of Cognitive Hypnotherapy for anxiety, here are the steps to overcoming your worrying, anxiety, nervousness, panic or social phobia:

  • First, a no-rush, no-fee phone conversation in which I’ll ask you about how the problem is currently showing up in your life and what leads you to want to deal with it now. You can ask me any questions you might have. We’ll explore how we might work together and you’ll get a taste of my approach.
  • With a first appointment in the diary, our work begins. I’ll send you a questionnaire to return to me before you come. Many people find it very helpful to put things into words.
  • Your questionnaire helps me to prepare and tailor a first session for you. When we meet, I’ll have more questions so that I can learn the details of how your anxiety has been getting in your way.   I’m likely to teach you some techniques you can use between sessions to start to increase your calm and confidence. We might decide on some ‘homework’ tasks. We’ll probably end with some relaxing hypnosis work and I’ll send you a supportive, personalised recording to listen to at home.
  • Our second session will start with a review of what you’ve noticed. We might then clear up any unhelpful patterns from the past (I’ll always explain why and what we do!) and consolidate the feelings and beliefs that would help you approach things in a calmer, more optimistic and enjoyable way.
  • After this, how many more sessions (if any) will depend on what you need. The aim is to do just the right number (no more, no fewer) for you to achieve the calm you want and need for yourself. For many people, two, three or four sessions are enough to give lasting change. For others, it might be six or eight, especially if there is consolidation and confidence-building to do or other issues to clear up.

“I was suffering from generalised anxiety and panic attacks. This was especially prevalent in social situations, where I could be the centre of attention and symptoms of my anxiety would be noticeable, for example; shaky hands. I worked with Jane over 4 sessions to overcome my anxiety and each week I felt better and better and I quickly was able to do things that I had been avoiding. Jane is very approachable and tailored each session to my specific problem. I would definitely recommend using hypnotherapy and Jane and am very grateful to her for giving me my freedom back.” AM