Flexible Hypnobirthing Classes

Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing Ealing & Acton, West London

Flexible Hypnobirthing Classes

I’m a fully trained therapist offering individual classes to mother or mother and partner.  I tailor each hypnobirthing class to your needs and wishes while ensuring you gain core skills and techniques that you make your own:

  • Self-hypnosis – this simply means discovering that you can go to a positive and relaxing place or state in your mind. It’s much easier than you might think and brings you lots of benefits through your pregnancy and after the birth too. Read more about self-hypnosis for childbirth below
  • Several pain control techniques which increase your ability to achieve the birth that’s right and positive for you and your baby. Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you have chemical pain relief or whether you decide that medical intervention would be helpful. Whatever decisions you make, having these skills can increase your sense of control and choice.
  • Communication skills so that you can communicate positively and confidently with the medical team who are supporting you and with the people around you
  • Positive visualisations and mental rehearsal of the birth and of parenthood

As well as guiding you to develop those skills, I’ll respond to any particular concerns that you might have.

For example you may need to put the memory of a previous birth behind you, or you might be particularly interested in feeling in control during the birth or in learning to cope calmly with a new baby.

All of these concerns, and many more, can be addressed. Everybody’s different so

Please do contact me  to discuss any particular wishes, fears or anxieties you may have.

The Practicalities

How Many Classes?

Based on over 12 years’ experience, I know that this work can be completed in just four short sessions, making it easy to fit into your life and very good value. Each session will be an hour long.


When In My Pregnancy?

It depends when you would like to come and when you feel ready to focus on your baby’s birth. I’ll be asking you to listen to recordings and practise techniques, so it’s helpful to come when you know you’ll have the time and motivation to do this.

Some come in the early months or mid-pregnancy, others wait till nearer the time. The only point I would make is that by coming along sooner rather than later, you’ll reap the benefits of increasing confidence that much earlier in your pregnancy.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made the last few weeks of being pregnant the exciting time it should have been from the start (when I woke up after my waters broke, I was trembling with excitement – sheer excitement).” LE


With Or Without My Husband / Partner?

It depends on what is right for you both and what is feasible time-wise for your husband/partner. Some partners come for just one or two sessions, others attend all of them and gain a lot from it. I know from my experience that Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing is equally (and highly!) effective whether or not the partner comes to sessions.

You’ll learn that you won’t depend on your partner’s presence or aid in order to feel calm and positive. This avoids any worry that your partner may not be able to be present at the birth for any reason and increases your confidence.

At the same time, a calmly positive and well-informed partner can be a wonderful and loving support, of course. If your partner can’t come to the classes, I can provide hand-outs and suggestions of discussions that you can have together so that you have that really effective  support during the birth.

Any partner who has specific fears of their own to manage would be welcome to have one or two sessions on their own.

Please contact me for a no-fee, no-rush conversation about what would be best for you and your partner.


The Advantage of Individual Classes

As well as guiding you to learn some core skills, your practitioner can tailor each session to your needs and wishes and respond flexibly to any issues you might bring along. You will have greater choice of days and timings.

 Self-Hypnosis For Childbirth

Self-hypnosis might sound out of the ordinary, but you go in and out of trance all day long, so your mind knows how to ‘do’ hypnosis, even if you’re not aware of it!

When you daydream, drive on autopilot or become absorbed in tv, music or a book, then you’re in a trance. When you imagine yourself on your next holiday or evening out, you’re taking yourself into trance. If you find yourself reliving your school days or a job interview, you’re in trance.

It’s not necessarily a matter of going ‘deep’, it’s more like having an inner focus, a concentration on your own mind, and a choosing to put your attention on to things that are helpful to you. We can call it whatever sounds ok to you!

You’ll quickly learn to drop into a positive and relaxed state of mind using a means that will become very personal to you.  I’m a fully-trained hypnotherapist so I know how to guide you to do this quickly and surprisingly easily. Mothers tell me they find self-hypnosis relaxing and enjoyable.

Learning and practising it is often a good reason to schedule some valuable ‘me-time’ in a busy day.


Helpful For Life As Well As Childbirth

Self-hypnosis has a great effect on the body and the breathing, which is all good for the process of childbirth (and a healthy life way into the future too!) and increases your sense of being in control.

It can be a really powerful tool that supports you in quite surprising ways during the rest of your pregnancy, and after your baby’s birth too.  Mums have said they’ve used it to stay calm in medical waiting rooms and in the dentist’s chair, to help them to get back to sleep in the night and to relax for breastfeeding. In fact it’s a really valuable skill you can use for the rest of your life.

Many fathers and other birth supporters also value learning self-hypnosis for their own calm.