Fears & Anxieties

Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing Ealing & Acton, West London

Overcoming Fears and Anxieties

Do you have particular aspects of the birth process that concern you, and maybe even worry you intensely?  It’s good to know that I’m a fully-trained and very experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist as well as a hypnobirthing specialist, so I can help you overcome whatever specific fears and anxieties you might have about this birth.

Here in West London, I offer you entirely positive and brief methods which mean your particular worries can be quickly overcome as part of your hypnobirthing learning. My aim is for the classes to be supportive, interesting and often fun.  Many mothers are astonished by the transformation inside themselves as they are guided to find their own personal way to reduce worry and be able to look forward to the birth of their baby.

Anxiety about being out of control during childbirth is sadly all too common. Mothers fear being controlled by

  • the medical team (‘they know best, don’t they?’) or
  • their own emotions (‘I’ll panic’, ‘I’m a worrier’) or
  • pain (‘I can’t handle it’)
  • a repetition of somebody else’s birth experience (‘it’ll be just like my sister or friend’s experience’)


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Other common worries or fear that I’ve helped mothers to overcome include:

  • the baby’s safety
  • interventions
  • panic from other people’s stories
  • fear of lack of stamina
  • worries about the hospital environment

Together we can quickly and positively clear away these or other issues so that you’re free you to look forward to this birth, feeling prepared and well-provided with your own mental toolkit. I love seeing the mums I work with change from anxious or stressed to confident and happy to trust their bodies.

Your baby’s birth is a unique and amazing event which your body knows how to handle. I can guide you to become aware that you can have confidence in your body and I can teach you to communicate positively with the medical team who are there to support you.

The flexible techniques you’ll learn for pain control  give you increased resourcefulness and build up a realisation that you can handle labour calmly and confidently.


“I was the most relaxed person in the birthing room!” DJ


By preparing with Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing, you can find inside yourself the strengths and positivity that enable you to let go of anxiety. You’ll learn a set of pain control techniques to increase your confidence, whatever choice you make about how you would like your baby to be born.

You’ll develop your own positive visualisations so that at the end of four classes you know you have a mental ‘toolset’ that works well for you because you’ll have been practising and using it in between classes to relax yourself and build your confidence.

I founded Confident Childbirthing hypnobirthing over ten years ago and would love to use all my years of experience to help you. Please feel free to attend classes on your own or with your birth partner.


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“Everyone loves to tell you how bad giving birth is. I wasn’t scared or worried beforehand as I felt in control, relaxed and ready. During the birth, when a contraction came, I used the thoughts that I had learned with you. I was totally in control, the midwives couldn’t believe it!” KT