Exam nerves

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Exam nerves hypnotherapy

Dreading  your driving test? Anxiety about professional, school or university exams? Audition nerves? Panic about an interview for university or a job? Believe that you’ll fail? Exam nerves hypnotherapy can reduce your fear and help you become calm and confident.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • I know I’ve prepared really well, but when I get in that room, I’ll go blank
  • There was a Maths test at school. When the teacher said I was bottom of the class, everybody laughed and since then I’ve been a jelly at every exam
  • For a week before, I can’t sleep, my stomach’s in knots, my palms get sweaty
  • I just avoid all tests and interviews as I know I can’t cope

Maybe you’ve already tried a few times and you’re dreading the next one, or maybe it’ll be your first – either way, wouldn’t it be good to overcome any fears, feel confident and just let your words or your actions flow naturally and calmly?

For whatever reason, exam nerves (or fear of the driving test, or worry about auditions) are the mind and body’s outdated and inappropriate way of reacting to ‘danger’.  In Stone Age times, when it was important to respond quickly to threats from wild animals or the neighbouring tribes, we evolved the fight-or-flight response. So when a tiger came out of the jungle, instantly our breathing speeded up and adrenaline was released to power the muscles for fighting the beast or running away from it. Our higher thinking powers shut down because anyone who paused to wonder whether this was the same tiger that savaged the neighbours last week would be eaten.

We still respond in that way to anything that our minds have coded and remember as being a threat or a danger to us and our wellbeing. Unfortunately, having a blank mind is fine if we’re running away from a physical threat, but doesn’t serve us well if the ‘danger’ is an exam or some kind of test, when we need to have clarity and focus.

Luckily, it’s possible and can be surprisingly quick and easy to change the mind’s coding to something that works better for you. We can clear any memories from earlier years when your mind reached unhelpful conclusions about your abilities and find personalised techniques for you to use to support your confidence as it becomes automatic again, and we make sure that you can look ahead to a future of calmly undertaking whatever tests you wish.

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