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Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing Ealing & Acton, West London

Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing West London

How do you feel about the birth of your baby? There are so many conflicting opinions about what makes ‘a good birth’ and so many stories of undoubtedly bad ones. It’s easy to become confused and fearful.

Perhaps you have a very clear idea of how you would like your baby to be born, but you’re anxious about the whole process, or some particular aspect of it.

Instead, would you like to have the confidence and skills to have your baby your way?

Would you like to have hypnobirthing classes with someone who will respect your wishes and respond to your needs?

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Since 2003 I’ve been hugely enjoying helping mothers have a positive experience of the birth of their babies. What’s important is that you feel a sense of achievement, no matter what birth you want or how it proceeds.


As soon as she was born I said I could do it again in a heartbeat. It was the very most amazing day of my life. LE


Would you like to be able to trust that your body knows what to do and that your mind can stay calm? Would it be good to look forward to the birth of your baby?

You may know that fear and anxiety tend to hamper childbirth: they cause a release of adrenaline which has the power to slow or even halt contractions. Adrenaline tenses your body and causes shallow breathing – both of these effects go against the natural process.

The good news is that with a very few classes I can help you develop positive feelings of calm and confidence. This can help you relax – which in turn triggers feel-good hormones which deeply favour your body’s ability to give birth. Those hormones are oxytocin which keeps contractions going and also endorphins, the body’s own natural painkillers!

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My aim is to make it much easier, more fun and more interesting than you might think to learn to feel confident about your baby’s birth.

Since 2003, when I attended a specialist hypnobirthing course with two doctors, I’ve been helping people prepare for the birth of their babies. In 2006 I founded the Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing approach and have trained dozens of colleagues in this approach. It’s a blend of hypnobirthing techniques with Cognitive Hypnotherapy skills. By the end, you will have several mp3 recordings made specially for you, and your own unique mental toolset to support you:

  • during the birth of your baby
  • for the rest of your pregnancy
  • and as you look after your new baby

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Confident Childbirth training gave me hope and courage to take a chance and embrace the unknown. I’m not sure I would have known how to cope without the experience. I’m hugely grateful and would wholeheartedly recommend Confident Childbirth. JE


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You can read more here about the flexible programme of classes which I offer and the practicalities of what to expect and how we can work together (with or without your partner, it’s up to you both).

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