Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Cognitive hypnotherapy Ealing, Acton, London

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in West London

So, why choose Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

It’s a modern, mainly solution-focussed form of talking therapy (with some eyes-closed, inner-focus, lightly-relaxed work too). We concentrate on quickly clearing away whatever has been keeping you stuck in a negative pattern while building up more helpful ways of approaching things.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy enables me to respond flexibly to your needs, using whatever might be most powerful for you.

You might welcome deep work on clearing up issues from the past (in which case we might use some techniques drawn from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which can be very quick and effective). Or your needs might be met by some coaching work, staying in the present day and giving you tools and tasks which make a difference. Or a combination! And there are many other possibilities

This is a great animation which explains Cognitive Hypnotherapy really well. It’s narrated by Trevor Silvester, who founded the approach.




Breaking it down, this therapy is ‘Cognitive’- which means that as we talk, I’m listening for aspects of your way of thinking and feeling that currently underpin the problem that you’re fed up with. These might be limiting beliefs. Or negative emotions.

And I ask you in detail about what you’d prefer to be experiencing instead. The work we do together is always about changing the perceptions and reactions which aren’t helping you and anchoring in new ones which will give you the life that you want.

I believe that you already have what you need there inside you (and I know how to guide you to find it!) –  it’s just not being applied in whatever your problem area has been until now.



The ‘Hypnotherapy’ word lets you know that together we’ll acknowledge the part that your unconscious mind plays in the problem. Many people say they find themselves sometimes automatically clicking into a particular state of mind in which negative thoughts, feelings or habits occur and no matter how much they consciously try, they haven’t been able to stop this.

Being a Cognitive Hypnotherapist means that my toolbox includes the ability to guide you into an easy and natural light state of trance. This can enable you to change those automatic responses no matter how deep-rooted they may seem. So that you no longer react with that old unwanted and outdated pattern, but instead behave and feel as you would prefer to.


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Some Key Points

  • During therapy, you are in control, always, because it’s your goals that we are working towards. Removing the problems which you want to overcome will increase your control in your life and the process itself is aimed at restoring your sense of being in charge of yourself and your life
  • It’s helpful for you to know what we’re doing and why, so I always explain what I suggest that we do
  • You are the expert on you and on your life. I believe it’s a useful part of any therapy for you to come to trust and value your own knowledge of yourself, your wishes and your values. One of my roles is to encourage you to develop self-trust which in turn can help you overcome your problem and fully embrace what you want instead.
  • Some of the best therapy takes place between sessions and after we’re done. I aim to provide you with tools, techniques and personalised recordings which enable the changes to carry on multiplying and producing more and more good effects in your life


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Here in my spacious and calm West London office, I identify the unique mind-pattern of your issue and tailor especially for you a programme to guide you towards the solution that you want for yourself.

If you’re stuck in a repeating pattern of unhelpful feelings, habits, thoughts or patterns of behaviour that you’ve been unable to change by conscious effort, my belief would be that this is because a deep part of your mind (which may be largely unconscious) has stored your problem pattern and continues to maintain it because in some way it is trying to help you. (I know! This can seem like a real stretch of imagination when you’re fed up with the negative results this problem has in fact been producing for you!)

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