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Cognitive hypnotherapy Ealing, Acton, London

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Help with Something Else?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy help can make a difference with most issues in which the mind plays a part.

You may be looking for help with something I haven’t mentioned in the list on the right.

For example, I’ve helped people with

  • chronic pain (my work with childbirth means I have a special interest in pain and how to control it)
  • IBS
  • grief
  • positive visualisations to help with chemotherapy….

People I’ve worked with have overcome

  • past trauma (an accident, an abusive relationship, bullying or harassment)
  • family breakdown (in childhood or occurring now)
  • recent crises (redundancy, empty nest syndrome)
  • and more.

I’ve been a Cognitive Hypnotherapist for over twelve years now and I can honestly say that no two clients are alike. Even if they might appear to be bringing the same issue to therapy (chronic pain for example), the thoughts, beliefs and mind-patterns which are contributing to the level of persistent pain will be completely different .

So :

If your mind plays a role in stopping you from having the life you would like;

If you recognise that you could use the enormous capabilities of your mind to support yourself better;

Or if you’re somehow dissatisfied with yourself and feel you could do so much more –