Birth Trauma Therapy

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Birth Trauma Therapy

About half the pregnant mothers who come to see me here in West London need birth trauma therapy. The positive and careful approach of Confident Childbirth hypnobirthing means that a Mum who has had a traumatic previous experience of giving birth can quickly learn to put that behind her and look forward to the new baby.

If you had a difficult time with a previous baby and it’s left you feeling fearful of giving birth again,  wouldn’t it be great to overcome the fear and approach this new birth confidently?

Being a fully-trained and very experienced hypnotherapist, I know that currently your mind wants to hold on to the negative experience because it believes that in this way it’s warning and protecting you. Paradoxically, the fear that this produces makes the body more tense which in turn works against the natural birth process. So really, it isn’t helping!

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Luckily each baby and each birth are unique, time has passed, and by coming to see me for and learning a new outlook through personalised hypnobirthing classes, YOU will be different – so you can have a very different and much more positive experience.  Being able to look forward to welcoming your baby is much more pleasant for you and means you can feel in control.

I’ve helped dozens of mothers to overcome a traumatic previous birth experience using a tried and tested and entirely positive approach to rebuilding your confidence and equipping you with all the tools that you personally need. Together we build these up until the deepest part of your mind is able to recognise that it’s ok and safe to put the previous experience behind you.

“Amazingly I have completely overcome my first labour experience. I don’t feel emotional and upset when I think about it and can openly talk about what happened without getting upset. I went into my 2nd labour feeling prepared, confident and equipped ready to pretty much take on the world. I have never felt such achievement in my life” TS

Birth trauma therapy is also for mothers who are not yet pregnant. Maybe you are reluctant to commit to a new baby because the experience of the previous birth is holding you back.

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